Farhad Irani
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Farhad Irani
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Farhad Irani

Farhad Irani, a photographer, video director and musician was born in June 1985 in Tehran, Iran. Farhad was born with a rare genetic condition known as Treacher Collins syndrome as was the same for his mother. Treacher Collins is a genetic disorder that affects the development of bones and other tissues within the face; therefore, causing an abnormality within the facial structure of the individual.

People with this syndrome are not different from others when it comes to the formation of the brain, and are on the same terms, and they sometimes even have higher IQ than the average person. The only major issue in their lives is the attitude that society has towards their appearance, especially in third world countries where there is a lack of knowledge and understanding on the matter. According to the human rights organizations and humanitarian agencies, reports in the field of rare diseases show that sometimes members of society behave so inhuman and grievous towards these individuals that it causes them to be in isolation at childhood and active in crime at adulthood. But Farhad’s strong determination and high morale made him one that would rise despite all odds in bringing forth a new perspective on the superficial reality of humanity and of art. His ability to naturally affect and change people’s points of view makes him an activist and an artist. Farhad started learning the flute through experimentation and self-education at the early age of 4, and surprisingly enough, he began to learn the ancient and traditional Persian instrument, known as the santoor, at the age of 5 and under the supervision of a mentor.

His childhood problems began and was increased at the start of school. The normal education system refused to accept him as a student because of the cultural prejudice and the lack of knowledge regarding his facial disorder. But at the age of 9, he was accepted at a normal school through the hard efforts of his mother and his personal determination to blend in with society. This was his first victory against the Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS). During his teenage years, he began playing the guitar and piano, and writing melodies professionally. He immersed himself into music and eventually registered at a music college in Tehran. He continued his musical endeavors until he came across the art of photography.

Something just clicked for him when it came to photography. Having a strong ability to self-educate, Farhad went all in and fully put himself on the path to learning and mastering photography. He used various sources, the internet, books, magazines, videos and more to learn this craft, and further went on to educate himself by getting an Australian TIF international certificate in professional photography. His ability to capture a moment of reality and transmute it into an artistic piece has made him one of the most creative photographers within Iran, and very soon around the world. His photographs have been featured on 1x.com (one of the world’s biggest curated online photo galleries) and various billboards, magazines, and newspapers throughout Iran. Farhad has also worked with many Iranian celebrities within the music and movie industry.

Farhad’s assimilation of the knowledge in photography, graphic design, and creative outlooks, makes him a wise and proficient artist who is constantly expanding and improving at his craft. He has overcome many social, mental, and emotional adversities to earn and be in the current position that he is now, and this is only the beginning for him. Farhad does not believe in borders and boundaries when it comes to art. We can’t only mention him as a photographer and a musician, he is much more. His creative expression is likely to enter various fields in the future. Farhad Irani is a true representation of the artist archetype, and his message(s) will soon be heard and seen throughout the world.